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Kelahiran Pandawa dan Kurawa (Bahasa Inggris)

Cerita Wayang Kelahiran Pandawa dan Kurawa dalam Bahasa Inggris.

The Birth of the Pandavas and Kauravas

Bhishma wanted Pandu, the king of Hastinapur, to get married. Kunti, the adopted daughter of King Kuntibhoja, chose Pandu as her husband and was married to him.

Princess Madri of Madra kingdom also wanted to marry Pandu, so she became his second wife.
Gandhari, the princess of Gandhara kingdom, was chosen as the bride for Dhritarashtra. Dhritarashtra was blind, and Gandhari did not want to be better than her husband in any respect. So she tied a silk bandage on her eyes and pledged never to remove it. A suitable bride was also chosen for Vidura , the minister of Hastinapur, who was raised as a brother of Pandu and Dhritarashtra .

As time passed, Kunti gave birth to three sons Yudhistira, Bhima,and Arjuna. Madri gave birth to twins and name Nakula and Sahadeva . As these five were the sons of Pandu , they are called the Pandavas.

Gandhari wanted a hundred children so she prayed to Saint Vyasa who granted her the boon . But Gandhari gave birth to a lump of flesh. Vyasa cut this lump into hundred and one pieces, which formed hundred boys and one girl. These children of Dhritarashtra were called the Kauravas as they belonged to the Kuru dynasty. The eldest of the Kaurava brothers were called Duryodhana .
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Cerita Perang Baratayuda (Bahasa Inggris)

Cerita Wayang Perang Baratayuda dalam Bahasa Inggris



Baratayuda is a term used in Indonesia to mention the great war at Kurukshetra between Pandavas against the family of Krishna. This war is the climax of the story of the Mahabharata, a famous epic poem of India.

The term comes from the word Bhāratayuddha Baratayuda, that is the title of a manuscript kakawin Old Javanese language, written in 1157 by mpu Sedah on orders Jayabhaya Maharaja, the king of Kediri.

Bhāratayuddha Kakawin story later adapted into the new Java language with the title of Fiber Bratayuda by poet Kasunanan Yasadipura I in Surakarta era.

Because of War

In Yogyakarta, the story is rewritten with the title Baratayuda Purwakandha fibers in the reign of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono V. Writing begins on October 29, 1847 until July 30, 1848.

Similar to the original version, ie version of the Mahabharata, the war was the culmination Baratayuda disputes between families headed by Puntadewa Pandava (or Yudhisthira) against their cousins, namely the Krishna, led by Duryudana.

But mention the war Baratayuda puppet version of events that have been defined as events by the gods. That said, before the Pandavas and Krishna was born, this war has been set to happen. In addition, Padang Kurusetra as battlefield by puppets instead located in India, but are in Java. In other words, the story of Mahabharata is traditionally considered to occur on the island of Java, Java.

Seeds dispute between the Pandavas and Krishna started since their parents are both still young. Pandu, the father of the Pandavas one day bring home three daughters from three countries, named Kunti, Gendari, and Madrim. One of them offered to Dhritarashtra, the blind sister. Gendari Dhritarashtra decides to vote, making the princess from the kingdom Plasajenar it offended and hurt. He also vowed his descendants would later become the mortal enemy of the children Pandu.

Gendari and his brother, named Sengkuni, educate their children numbering one hundred people to always hostile to the children Pandu. When Pandu died, his children increasingly suffer. their lives are always targeted by their cousin, namely the Krishna. These stories are not much different from the next version of the Mahabharata, the Pandavas, among others, attempted murder in the burning palace, until the seizure of the Kingdom Amarta through the game of dice.

As a result of defeat in such gambling, the Pandavas had to undergo the punishment of exile in the Forest Kamiyaka over 12 years, plus a year disguised as a peasant in the kingdom of Virata. But after the penalty ended, the Krishna refused to restore the rights of the Pandavas. Makes decisions Baratayuda war inevitable.

Book Jitabsara

In Javanese wayang known existence of a book which is not on the version of the Mahabharata. The book contains about the order named Jitabsara anyone who will become victims in the war Baratayuda. This book was written by Batara Penyarikan, on the orders of Guru, the king of heaven.

Krishna's king of the Kingdom Dwarawati who became adviser to the Pandavas managed to steal the book disguised as a white bee. However, as a knight, he did not take it for granted. Guru Jitabsara give up the book belongs to Krishna, provided she always maintaining the confidentiality of its contents, and replace it with Fireworks Wijayakusuma, which is owned by Krishna heirloom flowers that can be used to revive the dead. Krishna menyanggupinya. Since then Krishna loses his ability to revive the dead, but he knows exactly who will be slain in the Baratayuda appropriate content that has been destined Jitabsara gods.

Rules of War

Baratayuda puppet version of the course of the war with a few different versions of the Mahabharata war. According to the Java version, the battle was arranged so that only certain characters are assigned to war, while others waited their turn to go forward.

For example, if the version of the Mahabharata, Duryodhana is often met and engaged the battle against Bimasena, then in the puppet they only met once, on the last day where Duryudana died at the hands of Bhima.

In the Pandavas in charge of maneuver warfare is Krishna. He who has the right to decide who should go, and who should resign. in the meantime everything is governed by Duryudana Krishna himself, who is often done without careful calculation.
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Arjuna Mencari Cinta (Bahasa Inggris)

Assalamua'alaikum..Pada kesempatan kali ini akan kami bagikan Cerita Wayang Arjuna Mencari Cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris, kalau dalam lakon wayang disebut Arjuna Wiwaha.  

Once there was a king of evil from the kingdom of Iman Imantaka whose name is Niwata Kawaca. 

He was a powerful and cruel king who had conquered many kingdoms. The invincible king then had another ambition. He wanted to marry a beautiful angel from the heaven of god whose name is Dewi Supraba. 

He came to god Indra to propose for the beautiful angel. But the god refused. He thought that the king was not a good husband for the angel. The king was so angry that he decided to attack Kingdom of god Indra. The army of Niwata Kawaca proved to be very strong. The army of god was easily defeated. Luckily the god managed to close the gate. 

Then the god's palace was besieged by the army of Niwata Kawaca.

Then the god Indra decided to ask for help of human being. His choice fell into Arjuna, the third son of Pandu. At that time Arjuna was meditating in Mount Indrakila. He was meditating there to pray and to search for spiritual power that he needed to face the great war of Barata yudha (war of the Barata family). 

God Indra wanted to test his spiritual power to know whether he was fit for the battle with Niwata Kawaca. Indra sent seven beautiful angels to tease Arjuna. Two of the most beautiful ones were Supraba and Tilottama. They used their beauty to tease him but Arjuna was proved to be a true hero. He could resist their temptation. Indra was sure that Arjuna was the right person to overcome the problem.
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Tokoh Arjuna dalam Wayang Kulit
Meanwhile King Niwata Kawaca realized that there was a hero who could be a threat to his power. That's why he decided to eliminate the potential threat. 
He sent a monster that could change himself into a wild boar. His name was Momong Murka. Momong Murka came to the village where Arjuna was doing ascetics. As he got there soon he changed himself into a giant wild bore and destroyed the village. 
Arjuna did not let him do further damage so he fought back. The wild boar was so strong that he was forced to use his new weapon. He attacked the wild boar with an arrow and it was killed instantly. But as he came closer to take a look at it he was very surprised to see another hero stood by it arrogantly.
Arjuna said politely:
'Excuse me; let me take a look at the wild boar. I just shot it with my arrow'
'Excuse me, did you shoot it? Look this is my arrow', the hero said.
'Of course I shot it. This is my arrow'

'But I shot it first. You just followed me'
The quarrel became so tense that they were both became very angry. The two heroes fought fiercely but finally the other hero could beat Arjuna. As he sat in the ground suddenly the hero changed into god Syiwa. Arjuna was shocked so he saluted the god immediately.
'I beg your pardon your holiness, I did not realized your presence'
'Arjuna, you are truly a hero. You have reached a highest level of spirituality. That's why I give you a special arrow called Pasopati. It was special because it had extraordinary spiritual power. No one could resist it. Be careful'
Not long after that Syiwa disappeared like smoke. Arjuna was then a very powerful hero. Just as he was about to go home to Indraprasta, an emissary from Indra came to see him. He asked Arjuna to help Indra fight King Niwata Kawaca. Arjuna agreed to help because he realized that it was his duty as a hero to protect anyone who needs his help.
In the heaven of god Indra, a discussion was held to overcome the threat of King Niwata Kawaca. Indra told Arjuna that Niwata Kawaca was unbeatable. He was very strong and he could resist any kinds of weapon, even the most lethal ones. His victims were countless. So they had to find out a strategy. Arjuna decided to find out the secret of his weakness. He ordered Supraba, the most beautiful angel, to surrender to King Niwata Kawaca. But it is only a trick to search for his weakness. Arjuna would protect her from a distant. He had a spiritual mystical power that could make him invisible.
Indra and Supraba agreed to the plan. So one day Supraba came to kingdom of Iman Imantaka to see King Niwata Kawaca. Arjuna who was invisible kept guarding her. The King was very happy to welcome her.
'Your Majesty King Niwata Kawaca. The Most Glorious king of Iman Imantaka. I am honored to be your servant. Let me serve you with all of my heart'
'O, my dear one. I have been waiting for this happy moment. But why you leave the heaven of Indra?
'I do not find happiness, your Majesty. I am sure I will find it here'
King Niwata Kawaca had fallen in love to Supraba for a long time. He did not realize that it was only a trick. Supraba kept praising him so Niwata Kawaca was flattered and he lost control of his emotion. Then Supraba asked about his power.
'Your Majesty, the most powerful king in the world. What makes you very powerful?'
'Supraba, long time ago gods gave me a special power after I done ascetics. I became very powerful and unbeatable. No weapon could do any harm to me. Except for one thing'
'What is that?'
'My only weakness is my tongue. If it is hit, I will be killed instantly'
Arjuna who stood by Supraba heard that. But he was invisible. Soon he went out of the palace and destroyed the front gate of the palace. When the soldiers were busy hunting for him Arjuna went back to the palace and saved Supraba. They fled to the heaven of Indra.
King Niwata Kawaca was very angry to hear that Supraba had escaped. He realized that god Indra and Arjuna were behind the event. So he immediately prepared his army to invade the heaven of Indra. He had a strong army of monsters.
As the army arrived in the heaven of Indra they stormed it. The army of god was no match for the mighty army of Iman Imantaka. King Niwata Kawaca who was very angry shouted:
'Indra, Arjuna, come out of you bedroom. Be a real man. Come on, fight me'
Then Arjuna came to fight him. Niwata Kawaca who realized that his secret had revealed fought very carefully although he was very angry. He never opened his mouth. Consequently it was very difficult for Arjuna to beat him. Then Arjuna tried a different strategy. When Niwata Kawaca hit him, he fell to the ground and cried.
'Please have mercy. I just followed order from my god. Let me live'
Niwata Kawaca was very satisfied when he saw Arjuna fell and then sat helplessly on the ground. He was sure that he won the fight.
'I thought you are a real hero Arjuna. I thought you are a tough enemy. I never know that you are a chicken'
Arjuna kept on begging.
'I am just an ordinary guy who searches for a living. I am not responsible for this. Please let me go'
'On one condition, do you endorse that I am your king?'
'Yes, absolutely, your majesty, great king of Iman Imantaka'
Niwata Kawaca was very satisfied. He laughed out loud.
'Ha, ha, ha, little coward,.......'
He was just about to finish his words when an arrow suddenly broke into his mouth. The mighty Pasopati arrow from Arjuna went through his mouth and hit his tongue. Niwata Kawaca was killed instantly. His army was shocked and soon they were demoralized. They had no choice but to surrender to the army of god.
The god Indra was very satisfied with Arjuna's contribution. So he gave him a great reward.
'Arjuna, Now that a threat to human and god had disappeared. You really have a great contribution to god and to all humanity. So I decided to give you a reward. You will marry the seven angels'

Arjuna married the most beautiful angels of heaven including Supraba and Tilottama. After that he stayed in heaven for seven months. But then he had to leave heaven. Finally he left them and returned to Indraprastha to serve for his country and his family.
Demikian Cerita Wayang Arjuna Mencari Cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris yang dapat kami bagikan. Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.
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Cerita Wayang Rama Shinta dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Indonesia

Cerita Wayang Rama Shinta dalam Bahasa Inggris

Ramayana story begins with a man named Rama , the crown prince King Dasarata Kosala with its capital in Ayodya . has three brothers named Barata , Lakshmana and Satrukna . Rama was born of the first wife named Dasarata Kausala , Barata from his second wife named Kaikeyi , and Lakshmana and Satrukna from third wife named Sumitra . They live in harmony .

As a teenager , Rama and Lakshmana to Wismamitra studied to become resilient youth . Rama then join the competition in the nation's capital Matila Wideha . Thanks to the success drawing the bow heirloom belonging King Janaka , he was rewarded with his eldest daughter named Sita (Shinta) , Lakshmana while married to Urmila , the sister of Sprott .

After Dasarata old , Rama planned to replace him as king , failed after Kaikeyi reminded promise Dasarata that are entitled to the throne is Barata and Rama had thrown for 15 (fifteen ) years . On the basis of promises that Rama gracefully wander into the woods Dandaka , although hindered his own mother and Barata . His departure was followed by Sita and Lakshmana.

But the sad departure of Rama made ​​Dasarata and eventually died . To fill the void throne , royal officials agreed to lift Barata as king . But he refused , because it assumes that the throne belongs to Rama , his brother . For that Barata accompanied his army , pick Rama in the forest . We met his brother , Barata said tearfully about the death of his mother 's will Dasarata and deplored , for it was he and the army requested that Rama returned to Ayodya and ascend the throne . But Rama refused and continue to implement the decree does not blame his father and stepmother , Kaikeyi , as well as persuade Barata be willing to ascend the throne . After receiving the shoes of Rama , Barata back to the kingdom and promised to run the government as a representative of her brother .

Many trials faced by Rama and Lakshmana , in his wanderings in the forest . They must confront the unsettling giant forest communities Kandaka it . Annoying enemy is Surpanaka , raksesi who wants to be her husband Rama and Lakshmana . As a result , the nose and ears cleared up Surpanaka off by Lakshmana. With pain and shame , Surpanaka complained to his brother , the king Ravana of Lanka giant , while persuading that Ravana captured Sita from the hands of Rama . With the help of Marica who transform themselves into a golden deer , Ravana abducted Sita managed and taken to Lanka .

Jatayu bird who tries to obstruct , Ravana was killed by weapons . Prior to his last breath , Jatayu still managed to preach the fate of Sita to Rama and Lakshmana are looking for. Dalam looking for Sita, Rama and Laksamana ape named magnifying met Sugriva and Hanuman . Their binding friendship in joy and sorrow . With the help of Rama , Sugriva to the throne back in Kiskenda after defeating Vali unjust . Thereafter , Hanuman was ordered to help Rama find Sita . With the monkey army led Anggada , son Vali , they went in search of Sita .

Above instructions Sempati , brother Jatayu , they headed to the south coast . To reach of Lanka , Hanuman jumped on top of the mountain Mahendra . Arriving in the capital of Lanka , Sita and Hanuman successfully met the news that Rama would soon release him . Upon his return from of Lanka , Hanuman reports to Rama . Invasion strategy had to be devised . On the advice Wibisana , brother of Ravana who defected to Rama's army , made ​​bridges heading of Lanka . After the bridge finished , evacuated troops stormed apes of Lanka . Finally , Ravana and his army destroyed . Wibisana then crowned the king of Lanka , succeeded his older brother who died in the war .

After successfully freeing Sita , Rama and Sinta go and Lakshman and the entire army ( including the monkey army ) to Ayodya . Arriving in the capital of the Kosala country , they were greeted with great fanfare by Barata , Satrukna , mothers Suri , the leaders and the soldiers , as well as all the people of Kosala . By their very eyes, Rama was crowned as king .

Cerita Wayang Rama Shinta versi Bahasa Indonesia :

Kisah Ramayana diawali dengan adanya seseorang bernama Rama, yaitu putra mahkota Prabu Dasarata di Kosala dengan ibukotanya Ayodya. memiliki tiga saudara bernama Barata, Laksmana dan Satrukna. Rama lahir dari isteri pertama Dasarata bernama Kausala, Barata dari isteri keduanya bernama Kaikeyi serta Laksmana dan Satrukna dari isterinya ketiga bernama Sumitra. Mereka hidup rukun.

Sejak remaja, Rama dan Laksmana berguru kepada Wismamitra sehingga menjadi pemuda tangguh. Rama kemudian mengikuti sayembara di Matila ibukota negara Wideha. Berkat keberhasilannya menarik busur pusaka milik Prabu Janaka, ia dihadiahi putri sulungnya bernama Sinta, sedangkan Laksmana dinikahkan dengan Urmila, adik Sinta.

Setelah Dasarata tua, Rama yang direncanakan untuk menggantikannya menjadi raja, gagal setelah Kaikeyi mengingatkan janji Dasarata bahwa yang berhak atas tahta adalah Barata dan Rama harus dibuang selama 15 (lima belas) tahun. Atas dasar janji itulah dengan lapang dada Rama pergi mengembara ke hutan Dandaka, meskipun dihalangi ibunya maupun Barata sendiri. Kepergiannya itu diikuti oleh Sinta dan Laksmana.

Namun kepergian Rama membuat Dasarata sedih dan akhirnya meninggal. Untuk mengisi kekosongan singgasana, para petinggi kerajaan sepakat mengangkat Barata sebagai raja. Tapi ia menolak, karena menganggap bahwa takhta itu milik Rama, sang kakak. Untuk itu Barata disertai parajurit dan punggawanya, menjemput Rama di hutan. Saat ketemu kakaknya, Barata sambil menangis menuturkan perihal kematian Dasarata dan menyesalkan kehendak ibunya, untuk itu ia dan para punggawanya meminta agar Rama kembali ke Ayodya dan naik takhta. Tetapi Rama menolak serta tetap melaksanakan titah ayahandanya dan tidak menyalahkan sang ibu tiri, Kaikeyi, sekaligus membujuk Barata agar bersedia naik takhta. Setelah menerima sepatu dari Rama, Barata kembali ke kerajaan dan berjanji akan menjalankan pemerintahan sebagai wakil kakaknya.

Banyak cobaan yang dihadapi Rama dan Laksmana, dalam pengembaraannya di hutan. Mereka harus menghadapi para raksasa yang meresahkan masyarakat di sekitar hutan Kandaka itu. Musuh yang menjengkelkan adalah Surpanaka, raksesi yang menginginkan Rama dan Laksmana menjadi suaminya. Akibatnya, hidung dan telinga Surpanaka dibabat hingga putus oleh Laksmana. Dengan menahan sakit dan malu, Surpanaka mengadu kepada kakaknya, yaitu Rahwana yang menjadi raja raksasa di Alengka, sambil membujuk agar Rahwana merebut Sinta dari tangan Rama. Dengan bantuan Marica yang mengubah diri menjadi kijang keemasan, Sinta berhasil diculik Rahwana dan dibawa ke Alengka.

Burung Jatayu yang berusaha menghalangi, tewas oleh senjata Rahwana. Sebelum menghembuskan nafasnya yang terakhir, Jatayu masih sempat mengabarkan nasib Sinta kepada Rama dan Laksmana yang sedang mencarinya.Dalam mencari Sinta, Rama dan Laksamana berjumpa pembesar kera yang bernama Sugriwa dan Hanuman. Mereka mengikat persahabatan dalam suka dan duka. Dengan bantuan Rama, Sugriwa dapat bertahta kembali di Kiskenda setelah berhasil mengalahkan Subali yang lalim. Setelah itu, Hanuman diperintahkan untuk membantu Rama mencari Sinta. Dengan pasukan kera yang dipimpin Anggada, anak Subali, mereka pergi mencari Sinta.

Atas petunjuk Sempati, kakak Jatayu, mereka menuju ke pantai selatan. Untuk mencapai Alengka, Hanuman meloncat dari puncak gunung Mahendra. Setibanya di ibukota Alengka, Hanuman berhasil menemui Sinta dan mengabarkan bahwa Rama akan segera membebaskannya. Sekembalinya dari Alengka, Hanuman melapor kepada Rama. Strategi penyerbuan pun segera disusun. Atas saran Wibisana, adik Rahwana yang membelot ke pasukan Rama, dibuatlah jembatan menuju Alengka. Setelah jembatan jadi, berhamburanlah pasukan kera menyerbu Alengka. Akhirnya, Rahwana dan pasukannya hancur. Wibisana kemudian dinobatkan menjadi raja Alengka, menggantikan kakaknya yang mati dalam peperangan.

Setelah berhasil membebaskan Sinta, pergilah Rama dan Sinta serta Laksmana dan seluruh pasukan (termasuk pasukan kera) ke Ayodya. Setibanya di ibukota negera Kosala itu, mereka disambut dengan meriah oleh Barata, Satrukna, para ibu Suri, para punggawa dan para prajurit, serta seluruh rakyat Kosala. Dengan disaksikan oleh mereka, Rama kemudian dinobatkan menjadi raja.

Demikian Cerita Wayang Rama Shinta dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Bahasa Indonesia. Semoga bermanfaat.

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Sastra Pedalangan (Dialog, Gaya Bahasa Dalang)

Sastra Pedalangan (Dialog, Gaya Bahasa Dalang dalam Pagelaran Wayang) - Sastra pedalangan adalah reka bahasa dalang dalam seni pertunjukan wayang. Sastra pedalangan terdiri dari murwa atau pelungan (suluk pembuka pedalangan), nyandra janturan (deskripsi jejer adegan pertama) dan pocapan (narasi adegan), suluk (puisi padalangan), antawacana (dialog wayang), sabetan (bahasa tubuh wayang), suara (bunyi, celotehan, dan onomatopi), tembang (nyanyian), mantra (puisi magis), dan lakon (cerita wayang). 

A. Murwa
Murwa adalah suluk pembuka dalam pertunjukan wayang. Pedalangan Jawa Timur menggunakan istilah pelungan; pedalangan Jawa Tengah menggunakan istilah ilahengan; dan pedalangan Jawa Barat menggunakan istilah murwa. Di bawah ini adalah contoh murwa pendek pedalangan Jawa Barat.
Kembang sungsang binang kunang
Cahaya nira kadya gilang gumilang
Murwa panjang di bawah ini dari pedalangan Jawa Barat.
Adam adam babuh lawan
Ingkang ngagelaraken cahya nur cahya
Dangiang wayang wayanganipun

Perlambang alam sadaya

Semar sana ya danar guling
Basa sem pangangen-angen
Mareng ngemaraken Dzat Kang Maha Tunggal
Wayang agung wineja wayang tunggal
Wayang tunggal

B. Nyandra
Nyandra adalah deskripsi adegan dengan menggunakan bahasa prosa dalam per-tunjukan wayang. Terdapat dua jenis nyandra: janturan dan pocapan. Janturan adalah deskripsi adegan dengan iringan gamelan; dan pocapan adalah narasi adegan tanpa iringan gamelan. 

1. Contoh Janturan
Suh rep data pitana! anenggih wau kocapa negara ing pundi ingkang kaeka adi dasa nama purwa, eka sawiji adi linuwih dasa sapuluh nama iku panjenengan purwa nami wiwitan. Sandyan katah titahing dewa kasongan ing akasa, sinangga ing pertiwi, kaideng ing samudra, tebih ing parang muka, dasar negara Dwarawati silokane jero tancebe, jembar laladane, gede obore, duwur kukuse, padang jagate, adoh kakoncarane. Sigeg ingkang murweng kawi paparab kang dadi nalendra, inggih kang ngarenggani pura, jejeneng Sri Maha Batara Kresna ya Prabu Jenggalamanik, Prabu Harimurti, Prabu Padmanaba, Prabu Basudewaputra, saweg dipunadep dening ingkang rayi Arya Setiyaki lan ingkang raka Patih Udawa. Sreg tumeluk kaya kuncim pertala mukanipun sarta kadiya tata malih krama paningalipun Padmanegara lan Udawa saking ajrih dateng pangkonan. Samya prapta ngabiyantara, jajar denira pinara.

Dan di bawah ini contoh janturan adegan berikutnya.
Nyariosaken wontening pasanggrahan Ran-duwatangan. Prabu Darmakusuma, Bratasena, Arjuna, Nakula lan Sadewa, teu kakantun para pahlawan, Drestajumena, Bangbang Irawan, Raden Pancawala, Raden Sumitra, teu kakantun para tamtama, bintara, parantos siap siaga ngantos dawuhan Sri Mahabatara Kresna. Satumbakna, sagadana, sapedangna, sapanahna, samapta parabot perang teu kakantun.

2. Contoh Pocapan
Pocapan adalah nyandra yang tidak diiringi gamelan untuk menceritakan peristiwa dalam adegan. Di bawah ini adalah contoh pocapan dalam lakon Jaya Renyuan garapan dalang Dede Amung Sutarya:
Padmanegara nyandak dua hulusapu bade dicipta ku Kresna. Atuh Kresna rep sidakep ana sinuku tunggal babakane caturdriya--catur papat, driya angen-angen, sir budi cipta kalawan rasa. Pangambung teu diangge ngangse; soca teu diangge ningal; cepil teu diangge ngarungu; baham teu diangge ngucap lir ibarat anu paeh ngadeg, nanging bentena pedah ngangge ambegan.
Nanging tadige manggahing nu Mahakawasa teu weleh nganter ka manusa rek hade rek goreng asal tanggel jawab dirina pribadi. Maksudna diduluran, maksadna diijabah. Ilang dua hulu sapu, janggelek dados ponggawa, anu hiji dados satria.
Dan di bawah ini contoh pocapan penutup adegan yang sekaligus sebagai pengantar ke adegan berikutnya.
Kebat! Sri Mahabatara Kresna kaliyan ingkang rayi Padmanegara samadia tumindak dateng pasanggrahan Randuwatangan.

C. Suluk
Suluk adalah citra yang dinyanyikan oleh ki dalang dalam pakeliran wayang. Di bawah ini adalah contoh suluk dari pedalangan Jawa Barat.
Saur nira tandana panjang
Sinenggih sabda ya uninga lawan
Sabda ya uninga lawan
Sauri nira tandana panjang sinengih
Sabda uninga
wis mama
Ulun layu dening sekti ala bakti dening asih
Ya dening asih
Wong asih ora katara
Dan di bawah ini adalah contoh suluk “Greget Saut”.
Murca sekarang wawang
Murca ya sekarang wawang
Swala salin busana
Murca sekarang wawang
Swala salin busana
Murub mubyar cahayanira
Kadia prada tinabur
Kadia kunang-kunangan
D. Antawacana
Antawacana adalah dialog antartokoh wayang. Sedangkan antawacana antara tokoh wayang dengan nayaga, wirasuara, atau juru kawih dinamakan dialog samping (aside). Antawacana biasanya disampaikan setelah pocapan. Di bawah ini contoh dialog dalam lakon Jaya Renyuan garapan dalang Dede Amung Sutarya.
Kresna: Eladalah, Yayi, Yayi Setiaki.
Setiaki: Kaula nun.
Kresna: Kakang Patih Udawa.
Udawa: Lo, lo, lo, Hahahah… pun kakang Patih Udawa.
Kresna: Marajeng ka payun calikna.
Setiaki: Ti payun anu kapihatur pun rayi nyanggakeun sembah pangabakti mugiya ditampi.
Kresna: Sembah Rayi ditampi kudua panangan kiwa kalawan tengen, disimpen di luhur dina embun-embunan, di handap dina pang-konan, dicatet dina tungtung emutan anu teu keuna kuowah gingsir.
Setiaki: Ngahaturkeun nuhun. Kalih perkawisna—
Kresna: Kumaha, Yayi?
Setiaki: Bilih aya kalepatan ageng sumawanten alit, agung cukup lumur, neda jembar hapunten anu diteda.
Kresna: Perkawis kalepatan sok bujeng ku aya basana menta dihampura, sanaos teu aya basana akang parantos jadi lautan hampura kana kalepatan sampean, Yayi.
Setiaki: Ngahaturkeun nuhun.

E. Sabetan
Sabetan adalah gerak wayang yang meliputi tarian, lakuan, dan lagaan. Tarian adalah gerak wayang yang diiringi nyanyian dan gamelan untuk memasuki atau keluar panggung, serta tarian-tarian Panakawan dalam adegan gara-gara. Lakuan adalah gerak wayang yang hanya diiringi kecrek atau kendang untuk menghidupkan aspek dramaturgi pedalangan. Sedangkan lagaan adalah gerak wayang dalam peperangan baik dengan iringan gamelan maupun hanya diiringi kecrek dan kendang. 

F. Suara
Suara dapat berupa teriakan, jeritan, aduhan, tobatan, atau bunyi tiruan yang berupa onomatopia. Suara merupakan pelengkap sabetan lagaan. 

G. Tembang
Tembang adalah nyanyian yang dilantunkan oleh pesinden, wirasuara, atau dalang. Tembang pembuka pakeliran dilantunkan olen pesinden. Tembang pengiring pakeliran dilantunkan oleh pesinden dan wirasuara. Tembang dalam adegan Limbukan dan Gara-gara dilantunkan oleh dalang yang berkolaborasi dengan pesinden atau bintang tamu. Di bawah ini adalah tembang pembuka dari pedalangan Jawa Barat:
Sampurasun dulur-dulur
Nu aya di pilemburan
Wilujeng patepang dangu
Ti abdi saparakanca
Ti abdi saparakanca
Gamelan Munggul Pawenang
Nyanggakeun hiburanana, Juragan
La mugiya janten panglipur
Pangbeberah duh kana manah
Sedangkan tembang berikut ini adalah yang dinyanyikan oleh dalang Dede Amung Sutarya dalam lakon Jaya Renyuan:
"Lagu Nu Ngusep"
Barung herang liar mijah
Clom kiriwil ari anclom ngagiriwil
Mawa epan rupa-rupa
Clom kurunyud lamun anclom sok ngurunyud
Plung kecemplung plung kecemplung
Empan teuleum kukumbul ambul-ambulan
Kenur manteng jeujeur jeceng
Leungeun lempeng panon mah naksir nu mandi
Kop tah lauk mere dahareun
Mangga mangga mangga geura tuang
Geura raos ditanggung deudeuieun
Mangga mangga ulah isin-isin
Empan cangkilu ungkul dilangkung
Empan papatong kalah dipelong
Ku epan colek kalah ngadelek
Lekcom lekcom panon belek nyambel oncom
Sedangkan di bawah ini adalah contoh tembang pengiring adegan.

Ngamumule kasenian,
Ngamumule kasenian
Ulah kur reresepan
Geuningan mah reresepan
Ngandung maksud, bapa, jeung tujuan
Ngandung maksud jeung tujuan
Ngawujukeun deudeuh
Ngawujudkeun da persatuan
Urang saling mempertingi
Harkat darajatna seni
Pupujan nu sami sadayana mah
Geuningan sing sami-sami
"Deuh kaula nun rayi panjenengan Nakula."
Mun lepat silih dangdosan
Mun lepat silih dangdosan
Sangkan janten, dunungan
Sangkan janten sauyunan
"Rayi panjenengan Sadewa."
Tara pisan tara pisan kaawonan
Tara pisan kaawonan
Sing luyu mah geuningan
"Yayi! Bagjakeun pun kakang ti Dwarawati."
"Linggih Raka Batara."
Jungjung darajatna seni
Jungjung darajatna seni
Ku jalana hati nu murni
Persatuan persatuan ulah lali
Persatuan ulah lali kade masing
Kade kasilih kujunti
Mangga urang sasarengan
Majengken seni kagungan

H. Mantra
Mantra atau sastra mantra pedalangan ada dua kategori. Pertama, mantra yang berupa doa ki dalang dalam penyelenggaraan pakeliran. Kedua, mantra yang berupa rapalan tokoh wayang dalam mengeluarkan kesaktiannya.

Contoh pertama berupa mantra pembuka pakeliran dari Mpu Tan Akung:
Ingsun Angidhepa Sang Hyang Guru Reka,
Kamatantra: swaranku manikastagina.
Contoh kedua berupa rapalan mantra penyirepan oleh tokoh wayang Indrajit:
Rep sirep si Megananda
Wong sarewu padha tumut
Salaksa wong serah nyawa
Sastra mantra dalam pedalangan terutama banyak digunakan dalam pergelaran ritual ruwatan.

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